Call To Arms: Help With Running Demos

Continuing the discussion from Help with HTM.Java examples:

I’d like to ask anybody who has time to run the demos when they get a chance?

There are 3 demos: 2 require a API key…

Go to their respective directories after cloning and type:

java -jar NAPI-Hotgym-Demo-v0.6.8-alpha.jar
java -jar breaking-news-demo-v0.6.8-alpha.jar -K<your api key>
java -jar fox-eats-demo-v0.6.8-alpha.jar -K<your api key>

Thanks Mucho! :slight_smile:

Did you get the help you needed? I ran them and they all worked. If you are happy, I’ll close this topic.

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I really was hoping for Linux and Windows users (the 2 systems that @addonis was having problems with). I know you run OS X, and I know it runs there with no problems. Not that I don’t appreciate you doing this - but I kinda wanted a quick confirmation that they’re working on Windows and Linux. :wink: