Can we run HTM in Python3 or Matlab?

hi every one,
as you know HTM work on python 2.7 and it will be expired soon. i have a question, i saw the formulate of HTM spatial pooling and I think it is simple neural network,and also i think it should be easy to implement in Matlab,am I correct? do you think implementation of this part of HTM (I mean HTM Spatial pooling) is possible in Matlab or in python 3?

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The Community developed HTM.core support Python 3. And Etaler’s Python binding is in a somewhat usable state now.

I don’t think there’s a implementation for matlab. But you can always code it yourself.

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thanks a lot. can you explain more about why you don’t think there’s an implementation for Matlab?

The forum maintained list of HTM implementations only have one implemented in MATLAB. But it is a dead link and very old (possibly from the old Zeta1 days).

you know,I am student and my Supervisor said me to implement HTM in Matlab, I search for some logical reason to say him it is not possible to implement HTM in Matlab.
can you help me?

Well… Technically you can implement HTM in MATLAB (it is a Turing complete language after all). But it is very impractical.

  1. MATLAB is optimized for matrix operations
    • But HTM is mostly scalar calculations
  2. MATLAB is not designed to do stuff like this
  3. MATLAB is rarely used in ML application
  4. Use other’s code when possible is a lot easier and a lot less error occurs
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