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Projects (with sources):

Language/Runtime Project Link Description Last Activity (as at June 2019)
Python iHTM docs! March 2021
Python bbHTM great docs! May 2016
pyHTM April 2011
cla February 2013
javascript nupic-js May 2014
htm.JavaScript by Ralf Seliger June 2015
HTM.js This project by @Paul_Lamb is a test implementation of HTM created to help Paul learn the basics, explore new concepts and theories, and share demos. It is designed to be lightweight enough run client-side in the browser. (demos) May 2017
C++ htm.core NuPIC.Core Community fork July 2019
hacktm February 2011
HTMCLA nice GUI May 2013
CortiCL (C++ / OpenCL) May 2014
Adaptive Sequence Memorizer June 2014
CHTMGPU March 2015
Etaler (Parallel C++ / OpenCL) May 2019
JVM jhtm incomplete October 2014
clortex A design for HTM in Clojure which uses a Datomic database to store the state of synapses and neurons. Independent concurrent processes can simultaneously operate on the data, allowing complex multi-layer regions and multi-region hierarchies to be created. Author: Fergal Byrne (inbits.com blog). March 2015
htm March 2011
htm-cla Since moved to NuPIC; more readable, object-oriented code; bugs :P) March 2013
j-htm June 2012
WalnutiQ Object oriented java model of CLA algorithms working on vision modeling found here February 2018
htm-cla-visualizer detailed/interactive interface December 2014
Comportex & ComportexVIZ (Clojure) November 2015
scala-spatialpooler March 2015
.NET openhtm dev moved to nupic July 2013
UIhtmCal (C#) March 2012
dooHTM (C#) June 2011
OCodeHtm (C#) May 2011
HTM by @Deric_Pinto (C#) June 2018
Stream Processors Pratik Singh’s Kafka implementation Python, utilizes nupic June 2018
flink-htm JVM, utilises HTM.java September 2017
Other and Multiplatform HTM-Camera-Toolkit (python, java, C, C++) February 2013
zacg/htm Written in Go March 2015
Temporal-Pooler-in-Matlab (Dead link) old temporal pooler in MATLIB Unknown
vova/htm (Rust) same implementation, custom ideas planned June 2017
vberger/htm (Rust) January 2016
HTM-scheme (Scheme) SP, TM, Apical Tiebreak TM, and Column Pooler algorithms and projects; translated from NuPIC and htmresearch May 2019
HTMNeuron Not a HTM implementation, but a Tikz figure for drawing HTM neurons in reports (see thread) June 2018
htm-tensorflow An implementation of Numenta’s HTM algorithm in Tensorflow with GPU support. API design based on Keras API. March 2017
Snowflake htm.js adapted to run in-database on the Snowflake cloud data warehouse. See Medium article by @jimmyw May 2019









  • Thornton, J. R., Main, L. & Srbic, A. (2012). Fixed Frame Temporal Pooling. In M. Thielscher, D. Zang (Eds.): AI 2012: Advances in Artificial Intelligence, 25th Australasian Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Sydney, Australia, December 4-7, 2012.


Websites, ML and other


There are a lot of people in our community working on interesting things! To further enable collaboration and knowledge sharing, please post your HTM work here. You can edit this wiki page to add, or if you’re shy just respond and I’ll update the page.

I want to list this kafka integration, but where should I list it?

My 2c, under the numenta github organisation have a repo named numenta-integrations, which is just a readme.MD with a table of links off to people’s integrations with some basic information.

That way the only pull requests you have to manage are people adding items to the table, and they are free to develop and maintain in their own github repos.

I’m happy to curate and maintain this list if you’re looking for a volunteer.

Well the page above is a wiki that anyone can edit, which seems easier than creating a PR and having someone bless each commit. I’m just asking for help organizing the wiki page.

Whoops, was reading on mobile and didn’t scroll up to get the context!

Just tried out a table view, it renders a little thinner than expected so I’m not offended if you roll back to the list view.

I put Kafka and Flink under Stream Processors where I think they belong.

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Love the table @jimmyw, thanks!

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Check out this huge list of HTM implementations! If you have one that is open source, please edit the wiki above and add it.


The community of nupic.core. We try to keep the API and core algorithms aligned with Numenta’s reference. But new options and functionality is being added, I’ll try to list some:

  • MNIST experiment for easy HTM vision classification (cpp, py)
  • different boosting mechanisms (log, exp, none) in SP
  • synaptic competition on dendrites
  • topology in SP (TBD)
  • parallelisation for speed TBD
  • synaptic death for pruning TBD
  • confidence TBD
  • epoch learning TBD
  • grid cells encoder