Comparison between HTM and other anomaly detection algorithms


I have used the HTM for several private, off-work projects and I find it really great. Today I had a meeting with my CEO and I suggested that we’ll use the HTM algorithm for some project we’ve been working on here at work and I have been requested to provide him with an article that compares the results of the HTM anomaly detection to other commonly used anomaly detection algorithms.

Can you please redirect me to the best articles for that? I also have a meeting with another engineer at our company and I want to use these articles to persuade him to use the HTM algorithm in our project.



See the Numenta Anomaly Benchmark.


Thanks a lot for the quick and informative reply. I also remember that I once saw a whitepaper that compared between the ability of several types of “classic” anomaly detection strategies such as threshold, dynamic threshold, standard deviations and others to the HTM and provided charts that demonstrated how well each strategy performed. Does anyone else besides me remembers that too and knows how to find it?

This one’s definitely worth checking out if you haven’t yet: