Featured in "The Economist"!

Hi Everybody, (@cmaver)

I’m excited to find out that (business partner of Numenta), was mentioned in an article in the Economist!

Check it!



From Section 5 of the article - Looking ahead: For my next trick:

For others, voice-enabled technology is an obvious boon. It allows dyslexic people to write without typing, and the very elderly may find it easier to talk than to type on a tiny keyboard. The very young, some of whom today learn to type before they can write, may soon learn to talk to machines before they can type. (emphasis mine)

I have a younger brother who is 5 years old, and he is already browsing the web - primarily images and videos. His hands are much to small to type or use a mouse efficiently, but he can use a touch screen quite handily for navigation. He performs queries with Google’s voice recognition. He would be essentially unable to access the Internet at all at his age if Google didn’t support voice searches.

It’ll be cool to see this technology evolve. I’m particularly excited about the work being done by and Numenta. Lots of opportunies!