NuPIC wins an 2016 "Awards.AI" for Best AI Tool or Framework

I don’t know the people at at all, but we also won two awards last year. Although I’m not sure what it means, I’m happy that someone is recognizing us!


Last year I took your (Matt Taylor’s) “Call-to-action” to heart ( He asked that we, the community, try and do our bit to promote HTM Theory in social media). I happened to come across them when they were just starting up and I promoted them a bit and they asked to quote me formally, to which I agreed providing they would feature in their first sister-magazine as an up and coming AI Startup; which they were happy to do - and I introduced them to Marie-Pierre, our Head of PR, and the two of them “hit it off”, so to say.

For the rest of the year, I “@” featured them on all tweets concerning Numenta and in an effort to have our events (both Numenta & featured on their AI_Events sister-site and AI_Home (their community site). They always re-tweet our events, and I liked how they were unbiased toward ML versus HTM theory, and they seemed to have a genuine interest in being a hub of AI event promoting and information gathering - so I suggest we make an extra effort to keep them “in the loop”, when promoting our events because they have a robust community exposure and a very organized website.

It was really a lucky and serendipitous meeting…


@cogmission “Community advocacy” at it’s best! Thanks David!


Congrats! really nice to see Numenta there 2 years in a round :smiley: