HTM/nupic jobs?

Hi all,

So I’m looking for jobs within data science and machine learning, and I’d really like to be somewhere I could make good use of nupic and htm theory. I know there are obviously many possibilities including almost anywhere that works with real time data, but I’m looking for any recommendations to help hone my search. Maybe a certain sector or even specific companies. Of course I’ll be using numerous algorithms anywhere, I just know I’d be much happier somewhere that this innovative anomaly detection system could play a central role, possibly monitoring machines who’s uninterrupted functionality is critical. Thanks!

– Sam

In my assessment, the best chances are in the natural language processing sector. There has been success stories with online learning using SDRs in semantic analysis (search for random indexing and word space), without the hierarchical aspects, and then there is Numenta’s partner and their semantic folding.

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Just saw this on twitter:

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