Interesting in HTM Consulting?

This is a repost of a mailing list message from Feb 24, 2016, but I am posting it again because I continue to get inquiries about it and I’d like to expand the list of HTM Consultants we have available.

As HTM has gotten more attention, companies are starting to contact us asking for consultants. Numenta does not provide consulting (nor to we plan to), but we’d like to keep a list of community members who might be interested in doing so.

If you have the time and skill set to do HTM consulting (via HTM.Java or NuPIC), please email me directly at matt at (don’t respond to this email or it will be broadcast to the entire mailing list). Provide some details about your experience with programming in general and HTM specifically. I am not going to add anyone to the list unless they have some experience setting up and running HTM with NuPIC or HTM.Java.

Here is a guideline for what to provide:

  • name
  • contact info
  • general industry experience
  • HTM specific experience
  • location

I’ll correspond with you privately about your interest. Once we have a list of people, I plan to indiscriminately hand this list out to any organizations that approach us about consulting work. We are not playing favorites or offering any type of certification at this point. This is just a list of people who are willing and ready to offer

The fact that people want consultants to work on HTM solutions for them is a wonderful sign that things are going well with our technology. And there is no better place for them to look for HTM consultants than here in our community!


I’ve had a few inquiries about this lately and shared this list with some more people. If you want your name on the list, please PM me (see above).

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I’m bumping this again, because people are starting to ask me on LinkedIn.


Attention All Hackers! :slight_smile: is hiring Java developers and Data Scientists (with Java knowledge). is a business partner of Numenta, and enthusiastic supporter of the HTM Community. We are an Austrian company but now have a US branch, and we are hiring on two continents! We specialize in NLU (Natural Language Understanding) - utilizing both aspects of HTM theory and classical Machine Learning. If you think you would be interested, please drop us a line!


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