Possible opportunity?

This might not be the right place to post this, but my brother has been watching all the videos and is bugging me about trying some things with this, to see if any of it might offer some business opportunities in a particular type of application. Our programming skills are 30 years obsolete, so in order to dig deeper into this we would need some programming help. Where might we look to find people who know how to implement and build interfaces?

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Hi @kwiebe,

Thank for the question. @rhyolight has put together a list of HTM Consultants comprising community members that have experience with and interest in HTM implementations. You can read more about that in this earlier post:

If you and your brother would be interested in using this list to find some consulting help, feel free to shoot me an email at cmaver@numenta.com.

Also, if you have application ideas you’d like to test and you have data available, you can try HTM Studio (http://numenta.com/htm-studio/ ), a free desktop tool that allows you to test HTM on your data without needing to do any coding or programming.

Hope this helps get you started. Happy to answer any additional questions.

Director of Marketing, Numenta

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Thanks, I will look through that. At this point, we are just dipping a toe and realize that this is all experimental. Sounds like fun, though!

Have you seen the HTM school videos?

Also, you can also look up many videos on that channel that like tutorials that teach you how to do different things with HTM/NuPIC. Some of the videos even directly talk about different applications of NuPIC and show you the basic steps of implementing solutions to those problems.

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