GET PAID! Assistance for HTM needed! (classification + anormalies)

We are a small startup here in Dubai and we need some assistance with HTM both in regards to classification and anomalies.

  1. We are software developers with +15 years of experience.
  2. We have watched and understood all 16 HTM school youtube videos.
  3. We are normally using Windows - but are using Docker (for the first time) and run Nupic in Linux mode
  4. Played around with docker and Numenta.nupic (ran some examples but didn’t get anything to output something useful).
  5. Tried to build with Docker - but it keeps failing (it needs a Python >= 3.5 - but I think it installs version 2.7 but no matter what I do I can’t make it work).

We are building a platform to recognize special patterns in time-series (not forecasting - but recognition) and our existing architecture in based on DNN and Capsule Network. But we would like to use and check the possibilities of HTM as well.

At the moment we are still a bit confused about everything in regards to HTM and are not sure what directions we should go to get closest to our goals as soon as possible.

All help would be highly appreciated and if you have more time and like to assist/work with us and get paid for it please let me know!


Hey @Pablo welcome,

It sounds like you have a good primer on HTM and a clear idea of what you’re trying to accomplish. If you like I could help consult on fitting HTM to your problem. So far I’ve implemented NuPIC for streaming sequence classification and anomaly detection, including initializing new models online. If you’d like to discuss more feel free to email me at: and we’ll setup a call.


I have send you an e-mail my friend! :slight_smile: