Crashing on serialization SP model to file 'SpatialPoolerProto' error

I try to save my SP after training into file according to this link

with open(“out.tmp”, “wb”) as f:

I get the following error : global name ‘SpatialPoolerProto’ is not defined
After I checking the problem it seem that SpatialPoolerProto is not created because the framework failed to import the capnp lib.
So I change my question , How to install the capnp lib (and why it’s missing in the NuPIC installation, may I miss something?), any recommended link ? I am working with win server 2016 64 bit/win10 64 bit.
P.S: may their any work around for saving the SP without using capnp

May someone encounter in this problem?

Hii guys,
Someone? :smile:

I think this is covered in Running community fork on Windows. The problem here is that capnp serialization does not work on Windows.