Development Tips

Developing with NuPIC

If you’re a developer, and you don’t want to recompiled with every python change, you should build nupic with this command:

python develop

Setting up Git Hooks

Both nupic and nupic.core have git hooks in the .githooks folder of each respective repository. To put the hooks in place, check the in the .githooks directory.

Using an IDE

The following instructions will work in the most Python IDEs:

  • Open your IDE.
  • Open a project specifying the $NUPIC repository folder as location.
  • Click with mouse right button on file listed on project files and select Run command on pop-up menu. This will call the build process. Check output panel to see the result.
  • If the build was successful, just click in any file with run_* prefix in /scripts folder and voilà!

If you don’t have a favourite Python IDE, this article can help you to choose one:

A Clean Build

Clean all compiled files:

make clean

Clean for new distribution installation:

make distclean