Running Python community fork on Windows

I am little confused, so try to be gentle.
I install the Community NuPIC on my computer.
I want to start working with it under my Pycharm IDE.
So according to recommendation in the forum ,
from my .\Python37\python.exe I run the command python.exe install --user --force in the \nupic.cpp-master
The above command create new folder
In addition I see in folder nupic.cpp-master\build\Release new folders. I read the README file in nupic.cpp-master\bindings\py , and try to understand how to start work with the package ,but I still not understand how to using this package in my environment , how to add it for example to my Pycharm IDE ?
Can somone explain what I need to do with the following Repository for start working ?

bin ā€” contains unit test executables
distr ā€” Python distribution (packaging directory copied here), requirements.txt will be here
dist ā€” pip egg is generated here
bindings ā€“ python extension libraries installed here
include ā€” include files
lib ā€” nupic.core.lib static lib for core found here
scripts ā€” CMake build artifacts are in here.

P.S: Can I add it to existing environment ? (in the official NuPIC version I copy the package into my conda virtual env and working with the existing env) .


There is no Python 3 HTM solution yet. Iā€™m sure there will be one by the end of the year. The community fork is not quite Python 3 ready. (Please correct me if I am wrong @dman @David_Keeney)

The .py code in has not yet been merged into nupic.cpp. that is correct.
But much of the python code in has been ported to use python3 and should work with the extension library from nupic.cpp.

I cannot help you with your IDE setup. But in general, get your extension library from nupic.cpp which it appears you have done, and then you will find the python code that uses it in

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@David_Keeney, @dmac, thanks for your help!, Your are an asset to the community.
Can you please , describe which repositories I need to take into my environment? , (Even if only to include in my working directory)

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At this moment, the community repositories are: nupic.cpp for the extension library and for the Python code.

Our goal is to combine these two into one repository so it is less confusing and easier to maintain.

I solve my problem.
after installation with python, new repository created in the following path AppData\Roaming\Python\Python37\site-packages\nupic.bindings-1.0.7.dev0-py3.7-win-amd64.egg
Copy this package into \Anaconda3\Lib\site-packages and you can work with the community package as part of your conda env.

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