Double pendulum prediction - can HTM do this?

It would be amusing to see this fed to HTM instead of the hot-gym dataset.

It doesn’t sound easy

If someone makes it work, it would be a very high achievement for HTM!

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Yeah… I saw HTM being used for the double pendulum prediction when I was at Nice workshop 2018.
The presentation was by a guy from IBM, his name is Campbell Scott. You can find more details about the workshop here:


That’s quite amazing. I didn’t know IBM is using Numenta’s technology.

In his presentation Campbell Scott says they worked together with Numenta until they parted ways. Does anyone know why?

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Yep, I just found that thread too, by googling Campbell Scott.


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The IBM team have published a paper recently in the arXiv: Simulation of neural function in an artificial Hebbian network


There has been a group at Almaden working with HTM for years, but after we published a blog post calling IBM Watson “Classic AI”, IBM stopped cooperating with us. It was not our choice.