Embodied Intelligence Workshop

Hi all,

It has been a while, hopefully I can spend more time here doing what I love then that annoying work stuff :slight_smile:

During a seminar today an interesting link popped up, which I hope won’t be to frowned upon if I bring it to your attention, that of an “Embodied Intelligence” workshop. The seminar itself was interesting, but mainly focused on physical embodiment of intelligence and control i.e robotic systems for movement. I followed up with a question enquiring whether they did any actual ‘intelligence’ ie using Jeff’s coffee cup / finger tip sensor analogy but alas they did not.

However there is a much broader workshop set over a number of days, and it is free to attend, you can even contribute if you like it seems ;).

2021 International Workshop on Embodied Intelligence , to be held online on 24-26/03/2021 .

Hopefully some of you find it useful.



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