Emotion - Stubborn Memories

I like to make few claims and i may also make few mistakes as well. I highly encourage everyone to think deeply about this.

Emotions are stored like memories. That is, any animal that has the ability to remember the past (of course, if the animal has this ability it can have capacity to think) can actively engage in emotional moments. Every emotions that we feel are different like anger feels different, sad and fear feels different. Now assume there is one more emotion that we do feel all the time - consciousness. The thing i would like to claim is we are feeling all the time the only exception is when we are actively focusing on something, this focus is that short period of actively collecting inputs from the reality because in that time your brain can’t think about anything else other than the inputs, as you know it was short-lived. Once the brain starts the analyzing process for the newly entered inputs then the feeling states are activated.
This short-lived focus time period = In-animate state
Remaining time period = animate state

So with that said, emotions are memories that we are stored inside our brain and we are constantly retrieving it all the time. If all we do with our brain is feeling emotions but why naming only few emotions not others. These few emotions are expressible or descripable. Hence they are named.

However, if emotions are informations that are stored why can’t we forget that. Actually its possible to forget few emotions like fear, if there is no inputs that trigger our fear pattern. The only problem is we are constantly getting bombarded by inputs that are readily capable of activating fear,greed,anger,sad emotions. Due to the intrinsic capabilities of the human brain it is not possible to forget a memory in just a day or a week or a month. It takes long time for the forgetting process to complete if that information is not activated in that time period.
Also all new memories we store are directly or indirectly connected to those emotions. But we don’t know that since we are not having the ability to think about our own thoughts origins and the reason the longevity it stays in our brain.

I think thats enough… if anyone thinks that im wrong you can point out in the comments section. And Yeah… have a great day.

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Have you watched the talk by Lisa Fieldman Barrett ?

Some of what we call emotions may well be just an earlier form of communication before we started to utter nonsense with more and more complex (or not) made up words… yo bro wat u ? optimum, mi amice…


Yes… there is lot of misunderstandings about the brain. These act as moats when researchers tries to understand the working mechanism of it. I believe we have to set the foundation clear and stronger before trying to build up upon bricks of bricks.

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