Environment for Nupic and Nupic.core install

Hi! Nupic team

We are still straggling to install nupic and nupic.core o Raspberry Pi and even on Ubuntu 16.04. We are not talking about Raspberry Pi only. It would be general issue for installation from the source. There would be so many issues regarding installation.

  1. Python version
    As far as we studied there are big change of package management system between python 2.7.9 and 2.7.13
  2. Pip version
    pip version should be also an issue. Because pip would have also strong dependency to package management system.

We are really wondering if we could get information about environment in where we could install nupic correctly. It’s crystal clear that without source code installation, we could never ever fix bugs by ourselves to contribute Nupic improvement

If NuPIC doesn’t install properly with pip on Ubuntu 16.04, I want to fix it. I’m investigating that. However, we won’t be putting effort into getting NuPIC running out of the box on Raspberry Pi (we just don’t have the time now).

I am downloading Ubuntu 16 now for a test later this afternoon.

Hi Matt,

We don’t requesting you to put effort to getting NuPIC running on Raspberry Pi at all.

Just we’d like to know is which version of Python and pip do you use install nupic from the source. That’s it. It would help us a lot.


That is in the README:

  • Python 2.7
  • pip>=8.1.2

My current version on my mac are:

  • Python 2.7.10
  • pip 9.0.1

I will still attempt to install on Ubuntu 16.04 later today. If it ships with Python 2.7.13, and there are package management problems with using that python version, I think we should at try to fix it.

Thank you very much Matt.

Those are what we would like to know and would help us a lot.

Of course we know that in the README says:
In nupic README
Python 2.7

Point here is which version of 2.7 and which pip>= 8.1.2 .

Another simple question:
Do Nupic team usually use Mac to the compile source codes? I would not be relevant but just make it sure.

Yes, I think we all use macOS for local development. And we compile on Linux, OS X, and Windows in our pipelines.

Hi! Matt,

In the nupic installation guide, below is requirements. But could you tell us exact version numbers of setuptools and wheel? This might have some impact in building nupic.

Many thanks,


The following dependencies are required to install NuPIC on all operating systems.

Python 2.7

Here are mine:

  • Python: 2.7.10
  • setuptools: 36.0.1
  • pip: 9.0.1
  • wheel: 0.29.0
  • numpy: 1.10.4

Thanks a lot!

Hi! Matt,

One more question.

Can you tell me the version of SWIG?

SWIG is not an installed python library, as far as I understand. It is a utility that links Python to C++ binaries as a part of the nupic.core build.

nupic.core is using Swig version 3.0.2 and it is installed via cmake.

Thank you, Matt and Luize.
We will continue further investigation of nupic.core build.