Flynn effect

Flynn effect - gradual increase in IQ of modern humans when compared to old civilized people.

Why is this case? Is brain power getting upgrade each year?
One answer from my side - the information that we humans acquire becomes one of the deciding factor in our intelligence. As time passes we acquire information only that leads us to more intelligence (or) doing great only in IQ.

  • our old informations act as a formula for our future information -
    Eg, im pretty sure our ability to find connections in the patterns increased dramatically because everything in our surroundings were connected to one another. We can not find pattern in trees but we find patterns in any houses that were builded by humans.
    Humans create patterns and that helps another humans to create more patterns.
    In more precise, most of the people will choose what the masses chooses. Their decision making becomes narrow as a result of these patterns.

The internet has many examples of questions that were common school curriculum from the past that most present day students would be unable to answer but were in the common in prior times.
I have visited many museums with fine examples of extraordinary cleverness.
We went to the moon with slide-rule technology, but “Napiers bones” were already very old technology by then.
I think that this phenomenon Flynn effect is more an example of “teaching to the test” than any reflection on a shift in basic intelligence.




From Flynn effect - Wikipedia :

“Some studies have found the gains of the Flynn effect to be particularly concentrated at the lower end of the distribution. Teasdale and Owen (1989), for example, found the effect primarily reduced the number of low-end scores, resulting in an increased number of moderately high scores, with no increase in very high scores.[32] In another study, two large samples of Spanish children were assessed with a 30-year gap. Comparison of the IQ distributions indicated that the mean IQ scores on the test had increased by 9.7 points (the Flynn effect), the gains were concentrated in the lower half of the distribution and negligible in the top half, and the gains gradually decreased as the IQ of the individuals increased.[33] Some studies have found a reverse Flynn effect with declining scores for those with high IQ.[30]”


Perhaps the Flynn Effect is just another example of Goodhart’s Law.

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