Free ML, Web Development, Data, Computer Science Books for All

Because education should be free…( download today!!)
Who does not like great free books?


Very nice. Even some titles in German, that I bought here in Germany.

Post-Edit: I must add, this is an incredible list of great sources. Thanks a lot!

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I agree and must add that since I started buying books on the topics of Neuroscience back in the 80s till this day, I must have spent between $3,000 to $4,000 dollars just for books in the fields of Neuroscience, AI, ML and DL. But it is also very much appreciated to get a few more in special niches that I would normally not have the time and money to afford. Once you have them in digital form, you can take them with you and either skim them for specifics or enjoy them while filling up the time gaps. I have a lot of respect for the value of all these great works.