NICE Workshop-Hawkins/Ahmad

Jeff and Subutai are scheduled to give a talk at NICE Workshop. I think they will address Numenta roadmap of translating its work to that of machine/deep learning.
Does anyone know whether the talk will be available online? Or whether Jeff will do a talk after the event for Numenta followers?

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I’m sure @clai will post a video of @jhawkins’s and @subutai’s presentation as soon as it gets available. :-). But otherwise, all presentations of 2019’s NICE event are posted on YouTube, so I suppose this year’s will appear there soon enough too:


Yes, I believe they will be posting the presentations on YouTube. It might take them a couple of weeks. It was at 6am our time (!!) and I don’t think I had enough coffee…


Looks like they posted the slide PDF’s for several of the talks on their main agenda page.

Our slides are posted here.


NICE workshop released the recording of Subutai and Jeff’s keynote today on Youtube. Here’s the link to the video and slides: NICE 2021: From Brains to Silicon - Applying Lessons from Neuroscience to Machine Learning