NICE 2017 event (Jeff speaking) - is video available?

Hi All - do you know if/when a video of Jeff’s presentation might become available?

Thank you
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It is usually up to the conference to make the videos available. I’m not sure if these have in the past. @cmaver might have more info.

The NICE event usually does share videos. Last year it took about three weeks for them to post. We will share the video once it’s available.

For the CSV event, I do not believe they are filming. They didn’t invite media because some of the speakers are participating on the condition of no media. I’m planning to attend this today. If I’m able to record some of it myself, I’ll let everyone know.


Good news! The event had a livestream for Cornell alums, but the replay is available for anyone.

Jeff and Subutai’s keynote starts at around 16.35 at this link:

and it ends at around 45.35.

If you’re interested in hearing them talk about the sensorimotor inference research, that starts at around 29.16.


@cmaver Thank you! That’s awesome!

Really great Christy - thanks for the link @cmaver

Cornell allowed me to post a trimmed video of just Jeff and Subutai:


@cmaver - just checking back Christy to see if (you know if) NICE have released any videos, specifically Jeff’s presentation? Thanks.

Hi @Curious_Mike,

I contacted the organizer to see when they would be available and he responded that they likely won’t be because of a problem with the disk where all the videos were stored on. (Insert Homer Simpson soundbite here)

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but the good news is that Matt’s HTM Chat with Jeff goes deeper into the details than Jeff was able to at NICE.

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