General movement

what do we currently know about what happens between the “inputs” from sensors that (roughly) go into the neocortex and outputs that control our muscle movement
What exactly does happen when a person points a finger in a desired way since i know our motor parts of the brain can only control crude movements of all fingers and the neocortex sorta inhibits the other fingers to stay put
How can that be tied to what is being done in numenta? Do we need to understand what other parts of the brain do since the neocortex was built on top of them so we could also engineer inputs (and by inputs i mean encoders) and outputs that mimic to what is being done in the brain so we could get our system running
Is my view of this problem too simplistic or is there more literature that i need to brush first?

I asked sensorimotor neuroscientist Jonathan Michaels similar questions in this video.