Get inference active state in Cells4?

Perhaps a question for @Austin_Marshall or @scott :

What’s the most straightforward way of getting active state from Cells4.cpp?

I basically just want the same call on the C++ class as the TP.getActiveState() call on the Python side. The call would just return a list of IDs of cells that are active in the current timestep. Is there an equivalent call in Cells4?

If not, how would I extract the same information from _infActiveStateT in the C++ class?

I tried looking in the Python bindings for this but I didn’t see anything.


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I moved this from #htm-hackers to #nupic because it is specifically about the NuPIC HTM implementation. Also, @mrcslws probably knows about this, too.

From Python, this line of code works when using TP10X2, the Python wrapper around Cells4:

This works because TP10X2 inherits from TP.

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