Get Jeff on the Joe Rogan podcast!

If you want to expose nupic to as many people as possible that would legitimately take interest, you should really get Jeff Hawkins on the Joe Rogan podcast. Jeff has all the qualities that Rogan seeks, all of the character, credibility, and bona fides to make it happen. It’s a guaranteed 1+ million people in the audience for the YouTube version alone, and maybe an additional 3 million on audio. Plus, dollars to donuts, Jeff would have fun.

The Joe Rogan Experience studio is in Redwood City, 6 hours away from hq. If you contacted them and explained that Jeff is the palm pilot inventor, and that Numenta has a legitimate, functional, theory of artificial intelligence, with a vibrant development community, you’d expose the nupic platform to tens or even hundreds of millions of people. Do a full 3 hours conversation, bring links and maybe create a page of pictures or slides that Jamie can bring up during the conversation (Joe’s producer and podcast companion.)

Joe has had Ben Goertzel, Sam Harris, Elon Musk, numerous professors, psychologists, psychiatrists, philosophers, and others on the show. Jeff Hawkins would be a phenomenal guest, and if Matt went with him, he could assist Jamie with links, materials, and on-the-fly research. Have Subutai and Jeff do followup podcasts every 3-4 months after the first, and you’ll get a substantial portion of the human population looking at Numenta.

The JRE podcast crowd loves ai researchers, and deep conversations on complex topics. I’d bet you could get millions of video views, and tens of thousands more coders and forum users with one good podcast.

Go mainstream! Not to mention, exposing Rogan and the “intellectual dark web” crowd to hierarchical temporal memory would create a buzz in academia and mainstream news. HTM, to me, goes beyond the application to software and informs psychology, neuropharmacology, and philosophy.

And hey, podcast cross promotion. It’s a no-lose proposition, people would love it!


I’ve heard this suggestion several times from the community. I would love it, but it’s a matter of convincing Jeff. We’ll talk to him about I this week.


I’m a fan of Rogan on occasion but you are delving into politics some if you go on his show like it or not. He’s become a talking head and has a brand of sorts.

Not to mention the attention it would bring to capable neuroscientists who have a background in computer science a dream playground to spend their time building this thing into something functional

Kinda strong words given you are talking about a pioneer in the field - IDK why qualified academics would need to be informed by that outlet or the IDW. Controversy is great for politics but it doesn’t always translate into good science or match the needs of companies. Rogan does have a lot of neutral guests I will agree though.

If Jeff or another Numenta person is ever in the Boston area, Lex Fridman’s Artificial Intelligence podcast is really good and pretty popular. Almost 3 million views and listens across 19 episodes so far. Lex teaches at MIT, although since he specializes in AI and autonomous vehicles maybe he travels to the Bay Area from time to time. All the episodes seem to be recorded in person, but in different locations (including a hotel room) so I don’t think there is any dedicated studio.

Lex’s podcast has a much smaller audience than Joe Rogan’s, but he would be a vastly more informed interviewer. The podcast is dedicated to answering the sort of questions Numenta’s research attempts to answer. The audience the podcast reaches is less a tenth of what Joe Rogan’s audience, but it’s an audience of people who have a high level of knowledge and interest in AI.

Here’s an episode I liked:


I’ve contacted Lex about talking with Jeff in the past and gotten no response. Please feel free to contact him as well, I would love to see Jeff on that podcast.

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That’s too bad! Maybe he’s just too flooded with emails.

I believe Lex first then Joe can provide a good buffer for academic to non-academic transition of context.

Lex interview is coming out soon.


Nice! Glad to hear it got done, really enjoy Lex’s podcasts.