Getting aggregation data from HTM Studio

Thanks Matt.

I have checked the studio…thats the cool app you guys have built…thanks for that.

For anomaly detection,It suggested me to use aggregation of 30 min.i have few queries on this.

1)If i ll use aggregation…i m afraid that some of the actual anomaly might be skipped i,e there will be false negative

2)somwhere i read it is just learning from 500 records and accordingly suggesting the aggregation.Is my understanding correct?

3)I m aiming for both prediction as well as anomaly …I m getting very poor results from the swarmed parameter.So i wanted to tune different parameters in model params.However I m not sure which parameters to be changed and how much…is there any reading material available for tuning params for both prediction as well as anomaly?

In HTM Studio, open up a chart from this file and click the “Results” button:

At the bottom of the popup, what is the full text in grey?