HTM Studio (Awesome App!)

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Congratulations on HTM Studio! I’m really impressed with it! I found it fun and easy to use - kudos!

I got really excited when I saw something mentioned in your blog about a “Param Finder”, and I have a few questions:

  1. Is HTM Studio open source?
  2. Can the Param Finder source be shared? Could it be ported to HTM.Java?
  3. To what degree is it or could it be a substitute for swarming?

Anyway, thanks for making such a cool HTM product. I can’t wait to promote it and use it as an example of things you can do with NuPIC!



Yes, you can see it here:

@cmaver I think we should update so that it says something about HTM Studio being open source and link to the repo.

It is here I think, and sure you can port it.

It is not a replacement for swarming, because it has a narrow use case. See here for detailed info:

Basically, it only works to find optimal aggregation and model params for one scalar stream of data (with a timestamp). I believe @ycui wrote this code, so he might have more to say.

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Thanks @rhyolight and @cogmission.
Good suggestion. I will update the page to reference it being open source.


Thanks for the feedback @cogmission :slight_smile: @rhyolight’s answer is great. As he mentioned, it’s only a replacement for swarming if you have a single stream of scalar data. I will only add that if you are interested in porting the param finder, then you might want to look into:

It’s a compatibility test to ensure that we get comparable results on NAB data when using the NAB’s params or the params generated by the param finder. I think it’s a useful test to port as well, if you are thinking of porting to HTM java.


You’re welcome. Thanks for pointing out the existence of that compatibility test. I believe that will come in handy if/when it becomes obvious that I’m going to port the param finder. For now my brain is NAB-fried… with butter on top! So I need a rest…

Anyway, great job on HTM Studio!

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Cogmission, did you really port the Param Finder?
In case you didn’t do it yet , are you interested in doing it?
Could I help you in that case?

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