Grid Cell Event in London May 2018

I see that Marcus Lewis is slated to talk at this event in London (UCL), May 21-22 called GRID CELL MEETING.

@mrcslws - the registration page says “registration closed” …wondering if you can pull any strings to have +1 or +2 attendees in the back of the hall (myself)? Will you be presenting in a breakout?



I’m presenting a poster in the poster session.

From what I understand, the event has a long waiting list, so I don’t think I’ll be able to get anyone in. We’ll put the poster PDF online afterward, and I’ll probably do a Twitter walkthrough, sorta like my Cosyne thread.


any idea if there are going to be youtube recordings ? seems super interesting …


I sent an email to one of the organizers Dr. Freja Olafsdottir asking for a videorecording.
her reply is
“we have yet to decide on whether we will video record the talks. Our plan is to do so, but we have to check if we have the technical capabilities.”
I hope they will find a way - it’s so easy these days to to do youtube recordings with just about anything mobile …

Looks good.

Marcus - thanks for your reply; no problem. I look forward to your eventual Twitter walkthrough … and possibly video if anyone there wants to record it for the wider audiences.

:thinking: @mrcslws ?

Update: they’re live streaming the talks. They’ll update the “livestream” section of this page on the day of the meeting:

I’m guessing the talks will be available afterward, not only during the live stream, but that’s just a guess.

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Livestream is working!

@mrcslws - is there any chance we get to see the second half of the second day ? seems like the live view stopped there …
For all interested:
first day
first half - second day

@LiorA I don’t think he has any control over this. He’s just a participant at the conference.

Here’s a link to most of the second half - second day.

Also note:

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