Grok: AI + Automation for creating Self-Healing Cloud Systems

Hi guys –

I’m Tarun, the head of product for Grok. We are one of the first companies to partner with Numenta to deliver a solution built on top of NuPIC. We’re thrilled to be launching our growth phase in 2H 2016.

You can find us online, here: Grok Homepage

Grok helps any business that runs apps and services in the cloud in three ways:

  1. Grok uses machine intelligence (powered by NuPIC) to find anomalies in streaming analytics data for a cloud service or app, so that you can detect upcoming failures before they occur.
  2. When detection event occurs, you can trigger an custom automation workflow, so that you don’t have ops teams don’t have to do the same 5-10 steps when troubleshooting a potential issue.
  3. You can then share anomaly information with the entire IT lifecycle of apps and services. Today, Grok works with Datadog (you can send data there) and ServiceNow (you can create tickets from detected anomalies).

Numenta has been a terrific partner for us in helping steer the growth of the product and giving us essential feedback on how to make it a success.

Happy to answer any questions. Thanks for having me!