Happy Holidays HTM Community!

Thanks to all of you for being a part of our HTM community and keeping this forum alive and interesting. I also appreciate how civil our discussions have been, and how understanding everyone has been with this year’s mailing list migration.

From my perspective, interest in and acceptance of HTM as a valid method of achieving machine intelligence has been increasing. I have loved seeing more people from the ML communities joining in to see what HTM is all about and what they can do with it.

All of you help to make this forum and this community a fun, engaging, and friendly place. Please keep up the wonderful work!

FYI: A lot of us at Numenta will be OOTO over the next few weeks, including myself. I will be on holiday from Dec 22 - Jan 5, but I will try to keep up with forum messages for most of that period.


Happy Holidays Everyone! I’m thankful that Numenta makes such an effort to communicate and serve as a meeting point for HTM discussions. It would be fantastically easy to be like every other company and keep everything hidden. Thank you Matt, and thanks to everyone at Numenta for making all of this possible.

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