Has anyone tested Numenta on well-known benchmarks?

Hello everyone!

I’ve seen a lot of people denouncing Numenta/HTM, primarily because it fails to test its algorithms on well-known benchmarks. Since their algorithms went open source, has anyone tested them on benchmark tests like ImageNet recognition? Just curious if those algorithms truly work or not.


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This question has been asked before.
The issue is that HTM does different things than other networks.
The comparison that comes to mind is comparing a F1 race car to a dump truck. They both have about the same horsepower engine but they use them in very different ways - one goes very fast and one carries very large loads.
DL is very good at mapping one high dimensional space to another. Exploring and mapping these spaces is a long and computationally expensive process.
HTM is very powerful in mapping states and transitions from one state to another. It can learn these transitions in a single exposure - something far beyond the current abilities of most popular DL models.
I would pose an alternate question - how do current DL models perform on HTM problem sets?


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