How close are you to publishing the next Numenta paper?

Dr. Hawkins presented this road-map in his latest talk:

Is there any article/literature available for the third step that includes how L4, L2/3 and L6a work together?

I have watched the latest HTM School episode Grid Cells (Episode 14) several times and I have understood how grid-cells encode information on a map collectively without the need for a map but I need to have a solid overview of how everything relates to each other in order to build the next HTM version. I have implemented a spatial and temporal pooler to work in Objective-C/Xcode for iOS devices and it works great so far!


Subutai talks about it a little here:

Also @nick I hope you are following along with the community work on grid cell theory. HTM Columns into Hexagonal Grids! is an interesting place to start if you are thinking in this direction.


“The community will get access to it much sooner”

This made me a lot happier. Thanks!

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