How to extend to multiple fields in skeleton-htmengine-app example

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I have followed the skeleton-htmengine-app example. In that example, they pass one field (variable) to the server. My question is that Can i sent more than one field to the server. For example, I want to pass speed, volume, and price three field to the server.

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Yes you can, but each field will have it’s own dedicated model. Hopefully you have seen my example where I create a model for over a hundred traffic streams here:

Can i send three fields at the same time with just one model, like other multiple fields example in OPF?

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No, you cannot. That is a limitation of the HTM Engine.

Thank you very much! I will try other methods .
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wenlong did you come up with any way to tackle this problem? I have data which has around a 100 metrics and having individual models for each metric would be quite cumbersome here

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