Htm.core - SP missing getOverlap?

I’m new to using the community version of htm.core, and could do with some API help, please.

I’m expecting to find the SpatialPooler overlap list (ie. input encoder output vs. the column SDRs) - as seen graphically in the HTM School video (Ep 8 @7m30s).

The API does not seem to define the getOverlap function on the SP despite seeing references to it by others on the forum. I can re-calculate it myself from the Connected list, but surely I don’t need to redo this (slowly in Python), when the core mechanism already has?

Is this not exposed in Python on htm.core, or am I looking in the wrong place?


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Hi @DanML, it looks like the SP compute() function returns the overlap now, instead of calling getOverlap():

Please see: AttributeError of SP getOverlaps · Issue #712 · htm-community/htm.core · GitHub

Hope this helps. Thanks.

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It does indeed return overlaps now.
Thanks for your help.

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