HTM Hackers' Hangout - May 4, 2018

This hangout we’re going to talk about:

HTM Hackers’ Hangout is a live monthly Google Hangout held for our online community. Anyone is free to join in the discussion either by connecting directly to the hangout or commenting on the YouTube video during the live stream.

If you have something specific you’d like to discuss, or if you just want to learn more about the HTM Community, please join HTM Forum at We have active discussions about HTM theory, research, implementations, and applications.

More info on all these topics at

As always, you can watch live or anytime afterwards. If you watch live you can use the YouTube chatbox to talk to us. If you want to join, I will assume you have something to say, so please test your camera and microphone. I’ll post the link to join just before the event starts, so watch this thread.


Thanks I’ll gladly watch it live. Probably not confident enough to connect as a participant :blush:

I’ll be on. I’ll see if I have some time later today to summarize with visualization how to use one of the ideas from “Full-layer V1 using HTM insights” project to optimize the SP algorithm.

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@Paul_Lamb Can you join? I’m catching up on the discussion, but it would be nice to have someone who’s been more involved walk through it a bit.

Day job time conflicts.
Will be very interested in the recording.

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Yes, I’ll definitely be on.

A lot of the info for “Full-layer V1 using HTM insights” is over my head (lots of neuroscience going on…), so doubt I could give a very accurate walk through myself.

No worries. I’m take the lead muddling through it. You can correct me when I’m wrong. :slight_smile:


Starting in 45 minutes.

Join here and have your microphone and camera ready. Or you can just watch.

One month already! Last minute again!

I will certainly be watching, while installing a camera/microphone to work on YouTube.

I will be watching live.
Just reporting that the Community fork is still progressing although quite slow.

  • Dave

You can get alerts for these monthly hangouts if you subscribe to the NuPIC Google Calendar.

Superb new visualizations on your interactive course, Matt ! And thanks for the V1 coverage guys. Sorry couldn’t make it to midnight GMT+2.