HTM Implementers Meet N Greet - Yet Another HTM Implementation

Hello HTM Hackers, I am also currently working on my own HTM Variant , I was wondering if everybody else is building there own representation , may be we can get together once in a month or so and sort of share ideas ,or at least brainstorm there own inspiration and paths everybody took to make it work. Like or please direct you msgs to me directly and I can set up something.

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Hi, what is different in your variant?

Here is my variant: BrainBlocks

This one was focused on practical ML applications, speed and efficiency, and less focused on faithfulness to neuroscience accuracy.

My previous posts:

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My variant has few key differentiations when it comes to HTM implementation:

1.Dendritic Computation :
My Implementation has the potential ability for the dendrites to do a lot more than just point dendrites in HTM where its just connected to another axon , it can do much more sophisticated computation and generate NMDA spikes based on those computations. ( 2021's Breakthroughs in Neuroscience and Other Biology - YouTube )
2.I don’t use a Spatial Pooler in my Implementation , I have a Temporal Pooler and an Apical Pooler. The Apical Pooler connects to the apical dendrites of the neurons from higher layers.
3. interCommunication between layers and Regions : In my implementation of HTM , I run a small 100* 100 block of neurons all stacked one on top of each other in sort of square shape , Which is a block a core computation Model , I can create multiple instance of the same block and they all can interconnect with each other through the temporal pooler and apical pooler based on situation where combined output needs to be generated for relevant input.

It could be argued that my implementation is not a HTM Implementation at all , As I have put in a whole bunch of changes I see fit and removed things I don’t see as needed.

Its an interesting project for me to work on for sure…


Sounds interesting, thanks. Unless there-s a special reason to carry this conversation in a private space, I hope no one will mind if it continues here

This means they “choose” to connect with each other dynamically or is just a thing you have to explicitly instruct them… statically (like defining a network topology from the start)

The connections are driven based more dynamic associations, I do drive a strict Initial Network Topology to drive the learning process, but the nodes are independent and rely on randomness of the system and inputs given to them to connect with each other.

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