HTM School Episode 10: Topology


I can’t wait to watch! Have a deadline right now. …must resist …must resist


As always, great job Matt! Your new 3-D visualization looks very aesthetically pleasing as well! In some ways, I like it better than my own Qt4/C++ UI, but mine visually encodes the 3-D layer of columns in 2-D, so I have less real-time interactive control.

I’m looking forward to the next episode on TM!


But I’m a little confused, I watched it with english subtitles, but I can’t understand what she ate.

I’m just kidding. Great job, very intuitive and didactic.

Thanks Matt.


Very nice and loved the end bits :slight_smile: Nice to see the visualization became 3D. I know it is the first iteration but I am curious about how you visualize the individual neurons of columns, the ones inside the rectangular prism. It may be beneficial to introduce transparency to the structure so you can somehow see whats going inside by playing with the perspective only. At least that was what I went with.

Any other ideas so far?

I’m not sure whether I’m going to continue with the 3D viz into sequence memory or not. The primary drawback is that it 3D arrangement of the cells assumes a topological structure when none is there. I am still thinking about 2D displays like @sebjwallace, @mrcslws, and @floybix have worked on.

That being said, the 3D viz worked great for topology.