HTM School Episode 9: Boosting

Here is a link to @ycui’s latest report on boosting.


You’re getting super skilled at video editing. This is really pretty and clean to watch.

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Nice. I agree with Glenn above, the editing looks very nice. Your presentation of the ideas and concepts is portrayed very well I think too.

This video also reminded me to take a look at my own boosting code. I realized that I don’t use a max boost value at all, so my columns will continue boosting indefinitely for columns with literally zero overlap (it happens because my SP retains the topology of binary input) and would never become active regardless of infinite boosting.

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Congratulations for the clarity. I believe these videos provide great accessibility for interested people and prevent them getting overwhelmed by the amount of material to learn. At least my research mentor says so. :slight_smile: This can be a bit shorter though, excluding a bit of low level discussion. Thank you.

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NMDA-Spike Lee strikes again! :stuck_out_tongue:

Very nice, @rhyolight! Thank you for another great lesson! I agree with the comments here about your video editing skills becoming damned prolific! Maybe by the end of all these subjects, you can do a short film about HTM’s comparative role amongst other Machine Learning/Intelligence techniques entitled: “Do the right thing!” :smiley:

Again, awesome work!

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Thanks everyone for the nice words and feedback. Next up… topology.