HTM Hackers' Hangout (Dec 2, 2016)

I’ll be hosting a hangout on YouTube live this Friday Dec 2 at 10am Pacific Time.

Topics? You choose?

Does anyone have any suggestions about topics you might want us to discuss at this meeting? Make suggestions or ask your questions here. Feel free to also join in the hangout or just watch live and ask questions with your keyboard.

I’ll update this page with more details soon.

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Ok, I’ll pick the topic!

Topology :wink:

I’ve spent this week in the office talking with everyone about topology in preparation for the next HTM School video, and I think it would be cool to review all the things we’ve talked about. I think this is a particularly interesting topic, and explaining why it is necessary to HTM Theory and why we don’t use it today is important.


Not to run interference in any way - but I’d also like to hear about Yuwei’s new SP boosting technique implementation?

Starting live stream now… Join here if you want to participate live:

Here is the video: