BIG HTM Hackers' Hangout (April 7, 2020)

(If you don’t know what an HTM Hackers’ Hangout is, click here.)

I’m sorry I’ve skipped some of these meetings. I got so involved in other streams, and I’ve been recovering from ankle surgery, and I feel a bit old, and other excuses :man_shrugging:.

So let’s plan a big live hangout (we’ll use Zoom, but you do not need to make a Zoom account to participate). Let’s get a bunch of people from the community involved! I might as well live-stream this meeting from my perspective on my Twitch channel, right? It might even end up on YouTube.

Tuesday April 7 @ 5PM PDT (12AM UTC Wednesday)

What do you want to talk about? Let me know in reply to this post, please. I’d like to do this from the office at Numenta on a Wednesday in April. What time is better? 9AM PDT or 4PM PDT?

I’m hoping that some of you @htm-cadre can make it? It would be great to get some of the regulars together and talk shop! Please let me know if you plan on attending by responding to this post, and also post your availability to help me with planning. :smiley:


The early time sucks for people with day jobs.


And for people living on the other side of the world as well… :sweat_smile:


I’ll attend if possible. The later time will probably also be more likely to work out for my schedule as well, just depends on the day.

I could talk a little about some findings from the semantics/topology experiments that I’ve been tinkering with if anyone is interested.


I’m really keen for this, and the 4pm timeslot is the best one for me.


Ok 4PM PDT on a Wednesday in April… I will get back to you on the exact date.


Awesome!! Anytime

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I miss the hangouts! Definitely.


Mark your calendars!

April 8th 4PM PDT


I think that date/time will work for me. Will the link to join be posted here? Or do we need to request an invite?

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I will post a public calendar event with the ZOOM link to join the meeting soon.

Less latency?

Much less latency. I’ve created a calendar event with all the details.

Great! I’m looking forward to it.

Sorry for the scheduling changes. See first post for latest date / time.

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@rhyolight you mean back to 4:00 on the 8th??

I’m reconsidering this date as well, because it lands on Passover. Some people may not be able to attend. Perhaps Tuesday the 7th at 5PM? @Paul_Lamb will you be able to attend at this time?


The 7th at 5:00 works for me

Yes, that is a good time.


@Paul_Lamb already agreed to join and talk about his semantics/topology experiments.

Leaving some open invitations for other folks to come talk:

Any takers?