Bay area Meetup at Numenta June 5


Hi all,

I’m travelling to the United States for a conference in the first week of June, and will be staying in the Union Square area of San Francisco. If anyone from the HTM community is around, it would be cool to meet up somewhere and chat about brains.

Monday 3rd June is probably the best date for me, but I’m also around on the evenings of 2nd (jetlagged), 4th, 5th and 6th.

Anyone who’s keen, post your preferred dates and we’ll see what happens!


Who is interested? I could put this on our Meetup page and help with arrangements if there is enough interest.


I’m in :smile:

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I could host at Numenta HQ in downtown Redwood City on Wednesday June 5th after work. We may not have beers, but we could definitely find a place to get them nearby. I can provide some light snacks!

The Caltrain station is an easy walk, so @jimmyw you could get here via public transit pretty easily I hope.


That sounds great! I’ll catch the train down.

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I want you folks on the forum to see this before I announce it on Meetup:

If you plan on coming, PLEASE RSVP!


Jeff will say a few words after I give a community update.

Does anyone else plan on presenting or showing anything?

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If so how long should we plan to talk for? Somewhere around 10 mins I’m guessing?

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Sounds good to me! Don’t forget to RSVP.

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If you can’t physically make it to this meetup, you can join live on Twitch June 5th at 7PM PDT to watch and interact.