Boston HTM Social - May 5th 2017

I will be in Boston of the Open Data Science Conference, and I’d like to have an HTM social meetup.

RSVP if you’re coming!

We are just planning on meeting at a bar across the street, but if many people sign up I might see if the hotel can accommodate us.

@rhyolight pls send me too those presentation. I am interested in…

Count me in for the meetup! Im not from the area but will be glad to come up from NYC for it. In terms of where to have it, what traits should be sought out? I don’t have an especial familiarity with the area but would be glad to call up some places or something to try and get it set. Looking forward =D

– Sam

I live in Boston, and would like to try and meet up!

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Any relation to Marvin?

Marvin was my father…

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Is there an on-line LIVE attendance opportunity for this event ?
(Would like to attend remotely from CO )

Hey all, I have not booked a place to have this meetup, because it seems like only a few people would show up. However, I am open to meeting for dinner or drinks (or something like that).

Hello all

Are some of you folks still planning to meet up for dinner or drinks in Boston? I’m in NY, new to the forums here, and I’m a complete beginner when it comes to NuPIC and HTM etc. A meetup of some sort would be grand!

I’m open to meet anyone who wants to meet on the night of May 5th in Boston. Just message me if you are interested and we’ll discuss meeting places, etc.

I decided to create a Meetup page: Boston HTM Social. Even if it’s just a few folks, I’m happy to meet you.

Sam, are you still planning on coming? Please RSVP, thanks!

Yes, I’ll be there :slight_smile:

The tavern won’t work, because it is Cinco de Mayo tomorrow. In fact, I don’t think I want to be in any bar for a social event on Cinco de Mayo!

So I got a private room at the Sheraton Hotel for us. We’ll have a cash bar and some free snacks. 7-10pm. I’ll post the room details first thing tomorrow.

Room details: Exeter (3rd floor)

Thanks everyone for showing up! We had several more people come from the ODSC conference who attended my talk. Lots of good questions and discussions. If anyone has follow-up conversations they want to have, please start a forum thread about it.

I wish I had taken some pictures, but I completely forgot!