3rd Bay Area HTM Meetup Monday

3rd Bay Area HTM Meetup .
We are all set for a good meet-up this 8th Aug, Monday .
Check out the Agenda below. Limited Seats so RSVP’s are required.

H2o.AI Headqarters. 2307 Leghorn Street, Mountain View, CA (edit map)

• 6:00 - 7:00: Welcome, Sign In and Networking

• 7:00 - 7:10: About our Host [A message from our host for the day]

• 7:10 - 7:20: State of HTM Open Source [Matt Taylor]

• 7:20-7:30 : Message from Numenta [Christy Maver]

• 7:30 - 7:40: Current HTM Theory thought process [TBD]

• 7:40 - 9:00: Lightning Talks and Demos

Lightning Talks:

  1. HTM School LIVE! SDRs & Spatial Pooling : Matt Taylor
  2. Computational properties of the HTM spatial pooler- Yuwei Cui
  3. Two Extensions to HTM Engine - Ryan Mccall:
  4. A Comparison of Popular AI Technologies - Chandan Maruthi
    Aug 08 2016 : Monday

Hi Chandan - Have you selected a location yet? We could possibly do it at H2O.

Thats a good idea. We have one location proposed and available currently in PaloAlto.
Will keep that in mind.


Would this be a good place to show up and get some help getting HTM building on my machine?


Total noob

Start here and ask questions on #nupic if you have any.

Hi Chandan, Thanks for setting this up. I’d like to present a Lightning Talk on my recent work on HTM engine. We can call it “Two Extensions to HTM Engine.” I can give an overview of HTM engine, describe the changes, and demo how to use them.



i’m in the bay area - and I’m interested in HTMs but I’m a complete beginner (my background is very traditional ML) is this something worth going to or will the conversations be over my head?

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Certainly worth going to. This is a community meetup and everyone is welcome. I would be happy to meet you!

@chandan.maruthi Have you locked in a day yet?

Thats great. I will sign you up for a lightning talk.


We will lock Monday the 08th of Aug 2016 for the Meetup.
Can I create an event on the meetup page.


You can try. Let me know if you don’t have permission.

If anybody wants to fly me in from Gotham City (Chicago), I could do a talk on HTM.Java’s Network API? :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey all,
We have update the venu . We will not be hosting at the H2o.AI HQ in mountain view CA. 2307
Leghorn Ave Mountain View, CA 94043.

RSVP and Lightning Talk Sing-up

Folks we have 1 week to go. Please RSVP soon as we have limited seating.
Also, If you plan to give a lightning talk, Send me a note asap . I will add you to the agenda

It looks like this is going to be an exciting HTM meetup. Looking forward to see you all there.

Yuwei Cui Research Engineer at Numenta will give a lightning talk about the HTM spacial pooler at the meetup . He will also answers any questions on the state of current research at Numenta.

We have just a few more slots open. RSVPs are required , so if you do plan to attend signup

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Almost 70 people have RSVPed! We just increased the capacity of this event, so everyone on the waiting list can attend. Please RSVP if you are attending. Looking forward to meeting you all there!

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Also, I’ll be live-streaming this event on YouTube tonight. I’ll start a test-stream around 6PM Pacific, then the actual talks start at 7PM, which will be a 2nd stream.

This is the first time I’ve done this kind of live-stream, so bear with me please.

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