HTM Hackers’ Hangout (Mar 3, 2017)

This Friday at 10AM Pacific time! (6PM UTC)

NOTE: this is 5 hours earlier than usual, to accomodate international viewers. I hope you can join in.

Watch here. Things to discuss…

  • Lots of conference talks this year
  • Continuing HTM educational work
  • NuPIC compilation guides
  • NuPIC API docs
  • slow pace of community contributions in light of research?

Anyone else have something they would like us to discuss? Additionally, I’ll take questions from the community. If you can’t make the hangout, you can add your comment or question below and watch the video later. As always, I’ll post the link to join the hangout direction a few minutes before it starts.

Join here. Starts in about 30 minutes but I’m logged in now if you want to chat “off the record”. :wink:


Thanks for the earlier time. As it was 19:00 CET, it was much more manageable

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Logged into Google Hangouts … thought I would see the ‘saved’ calendar invite.
Nada … Now I’m fishing around, trying to find how to "Dial-in"
I think the train has left the station … already 11:42am (MST) local.
The train has left the station ?
Yep … Never try to figure these things out, when scrambling to the meeting … :neutral_face:
I guess there’s next time …

Sorry @MikePizzuti! Google Hangouts can be flaky sometimes. You can watch the recorded session on YouTube (see post above). I posted a link to join as well.

Thank you Sir … No worries.
I plan to be a long-timer …and make my share of contributions as we go forward.
Really excited about this stuff, you guys are great !

For the sake of future reference …I think you meant the YouTube title to read;

HTM Hackers’ Hangout (Mar 3, 2017) … not HTM Hackers’ Hangout (Feb 3, 2017)

Man, I wish I made it in on time … would have loved to add to the conversation :yum:
Great discussion.

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Thanks, fixed!