HTM Studio

Is HTM-Studio free of cost? If yes, then is it also Customizable? If yes, then how?


Free of cost, yes. Customizable, no. See the tutorial videos at

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It also freezes up when you try to import 3GB csv files. :slight_smile:

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Haha, it is just a demo tool. That file is too big! It should start recognizing patterns (if there are any) within a few thousand rows of input.

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Are there currently any plans to allow this to read from and publish to message queues (such as kafka/mqtt)…

That would make this immediately useful for various robotics and IoT sensor projects. :smiley:

For example, I have various heat temperature, humidity, barometric, and occupancy sensors publishing to an mqtt system. I could read all the messages and convert them to a csv, sure, but if there were a way to read a live stream directly into htm-studio, that’d be freaking awesome and instantly get you some traction from various communities (at the same time promoting HTM theory).

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No, HTM Studio is just a way to show people that HTM can work to detect anomalies. If you want to build something custom, you must do it yourself. But all the code is open source.


Thanks and can we use that for commercial purposes?

@rhyolight Is there any tutorial which will help in generating custom app based on any other data source using NuPIC?

A sample use-case can be:
How can I be able to tweak the currently given open source code to start accepting the run-time inputs from sensors or any of the messaging queue?

See Quickstart and this older “hot gym” tutorial (a bit dated).

Hi everyone!

I am a newbie quite fascinated about the framework. I read the book On Intelligence some time ago and just watched the HTM School videos up to the temporal memory episodes. @rhyolight, the videos are great and very didactic! Thanks a lot!

The next step that I plan is to analyze real data using HTM Studio.

I have one question: Suppose that I have a csv file with time stamp and two variables from the same equipment: frequency and temperature, for example.

Is it possible to have both variables analyzed together with HTM Studio? Or only in separate? I guess that in this case the anomalies may be detected more effectively if the two variables are analyzed together.

I know from the encoder video that it is possible to generate SDRs combining two variables plus a time stamp with NuPIC, but would be interesting to see in the Studio before starting with NuPIC.

Thanks in advance!

No, HTM Studio only handles one scalar field per model.

You can do this programmatically with NuPIC.

It is super easy to use, no risk in downloading it!

Hey @Inacio,

You could check out this thread where there’s some instructions for running NuPIC with multiple input fields.

Can HTM be used on multivarient time series problems?

Thanks a lot @rhyolight and @sheiser1! I will download and try NuPIC soon!

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