I love the Blues

To truly appreciate blues music, you have to realize that it provided a platform for other genres following it, like rock n roll, country, hip-hop, funk, reggae. The blues affects all modern music, and if you listen you can still hear the classic 12-bar blues rhythm in many songs on the radio today.

Even more interesting are the African, European, and uniquely American origins of the Blues. It shows how the mixture of different human cultures can produce groundbreaking ideas and movements.

I have really been enjoying listening to and playing blues music in my free time lately, so I thought I would share some really great blue tracks I’ve found.

Roughly starting earlier in time, here are a couple founders of the blues, Howlin’ Wolf and Muddy Waters.

This is a classic you’ve all probably heard, from Cream. It is actually originally by Robert Johnson:

A new friend just turned me on to Johnny Winter, who recently died in 2014. This is a great slow blues song with a bouncy rhythm:

I hope some of you enjoyed listening to those. If anyone wants to share any other Blues songs or videos, feel free.