I updated a library so it can display tensors

After all the interest in machine learning here, I thought it’d be a good idea to share. I just realized I might have the only available library that can display videos of tensors in real time:


It currently supports tensors with 1 and 3 channels, but if there’s interest, I could expand it. It’s what I’ve been using to make displays for testing:

pip install cvpubsubs if you want it. I could definitely use some feedback on it.

Edit: looks like beholder is an alternative for tensorboard. Not sure about pytorch though.

Edit2: Looks like beholder is also part of tensorboardx, which is for pytorch. I’ll have to look into that.


As my kids would say, “my dude, that is sick”

You mentioned boosting, are you enforcing sparsity and running a k-winners activation?


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