I want to know more about the Neocortex

Hi! I wanted to know some good sources where I could learn how the Cerebral Cortex works in depth.Which is your favorite source? I would prefer Video Lectures,Books,Blogs ,but anything is fine.

I found Scholarpedia a good place to learn the general concepts in neuroscience. Hope it helps.

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Neurolex is good for lists of connectivity.
You’ll probably want to read some studies eventually, since they are widely accessible.
Nature articles are usually well written, which is important if you can’t interpret the results to resolve ambiguous writing.

I think many things are debated/inconsistent. Different studies find different results sometimes, and using anaesthesia, slices, young animals, etc. can have a big impact. Even books can disagree. There are lots of things which almost everyone agrees on, though.

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Numenta have done a great job of integrating the keys parts of cortical neuroscience into a coherent model. This would probably be the most important paper to begin with if you want to get your curious juices going. Even if it doesn’t make sense right away, it will set you on the right direction.

I would also recommend Cerebral Cortex from Edmund Rolls. When you understand how the integration zones of dendrites act as pattern detectors for a distributed encoding of an SDR (from the paper I linked), you take this understanding into another context and you might experience another series of cortical epiphanies.

I hope you enjoy it. The intellectual journey is actually quite fulfilling.

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Thanks @sebjwallace!

Would you happen to have a pdf of the book?The book costs around 200 dollars here in India because it has to be imported.I can’t really afford it

I wouldn’t worry about getting it now then. There’s plenty to chew from freely online. Otherwise check out Jeff’s book On Intelligence. That was the first book I read on the cortex, and its a real eye-opener. Ideal to get you started.