I would give my left kidney to get help with a Windows Nupic Core install

Sorry in advance if this isn’t the right subforum, feel free to move it as necessary.

I want, more than anything, to play with the C++ version NuPic. I can’t get an installation to work to save my life. My preference is to develop in Visual C++ because I’m familiar with the IDE, but I’m sure I could learn to work with any decent IDE.

I’m not a professional coder, so figuring out CMake is giving me an ulcer. Does anyone have a Windows image using Visual Studio up and running? Can they walk me through what they did, or put a “How To” video together for this?

For what it’s worth - I’ve tried the Ubuntu install 7-8 times with no success. Do you have open office hours where we could come in an get help with the install?

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Also, if this offers anyone any clue as to what I’m doing, I followed the steps here:

And I ended up with this result:
C:\Users\rober>python -c “from nupic.bindings.math import Random; print Random().getUInt64();”

I think this means I have followed the steps correctly, but I have no idea how to import all these files and projects into my Visual Studio IDE. HELP!?

The most help I can give you (not owning a Windows machine yet), is to point you here:

This is the AppVeyor configuration for nupic.core. AppVeyor is a cloud-based continuous build service for Windows. We currently use it to test nupic.core and NuPIC with every commit to ensure they build on Windows. This configuration file should have all the details you need to build nupic.core on Windows if you dig into it. You might also want to have a look at the docs for the config file.

Also, here are the results of those builds.

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I just want be clear, officially, that Numenta does not accept contributions, donations, payments, etc. in the form of human organs, living or dead.

Don’t make me put this on our FAQ. :wink:

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Okay, I’ll go down the path with AppVeyor.

Just going to through it out there - if anyone has a Visual Studio project they can share, would be super useful. Maybe I become that guy and share it for the world to see, but not likely at this point.

Thanks for the help! Will check in after I play around with the AppVeyor system. Also, you may end up seeing me around the offices sometime as I’m moving to RWC on Jan 1. I’ll be lurking around, no doubt.

@vkruglikov or @riccro might have one.

I’m with you on this one Robby. I haven’t been able to get it to compile on Windows either.
I will watch this thread and post whatever I can get working.

Okay, I connect my Github and AppVeyor accounts, and got AppVeyor to build nupic-core using the script you supplied. It looks legit; as in, it works. But I don’t really grasp what AppVeyor is doing.

Is the point of AppVeyor to supply a Windows Virtual Machine that we can run the script on? I mean, that’s great and all, but I still am unsure how I get Nupic.Core into an IDE where I can play with it, step through the program, see what functions run when, etc.

Is this even a tangible goal? Am I just missing something ridiculously obvious? (For what it’s worth, I don’t plan on stopping, but it looks like there’s all these people that can do it, and I’m out in left field. If I can’t get an Ubuntu or Windows version running, I’m just going to start putting the pieces together manually, which probably is a great way to learn it but I’m just reinventing the wheel)

Also, my AppVeyor build failed: https://ci.appveyor.com/project/rbattiston/nupic-core/build/

Ran through the install steps again here… https://github.com/numenta/nupic.core

Again with no luck, fail at:
pip install pycapnp==0.5.8

Will try again tomorrow. Too late to think.

:thumbsup: for being thorough, but you did not really need to set up an appveyor build yourself. :slight_smile:

The reason I gave you the appveyor script was because all the configuration needed to get nupic.core building on windows is within that script. You should look through it while reading the appveyor docs to find out how to set up your environment. It might also help to look through the logs to find out what order everything is done.

Okay, enough with my amateur attempts, I’ll go through that script and try to get everything up and running manually. Thanks for the help!

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