Ideas for the Numenta Anomaly Benchmark Competition!

Hi all,
If you have not yet heard we’re hosting a competition for the Numenta Anomaly Benchmark (NAB), in conjunction with the World Congress on Computational Intelligence: There are two categories: anomaly detection algorithms evaluated on NAB, and real-world datasets with labeled anomalies. For the latter category, here are some ideas for submissions:

Send your submissions in to for cash prizes! :money_mouth:


Here’s an idea for entering an algorithm: “Online Algorithms For Parameter Mean And Variance Estimation In Dynamic Regression Models”. The author said he’d be really interested to see someone implement the method specifically towards anomaly detection and run it on NAB.

For more datasets to contribute, check out table 6 of this anomaly detection paper.

Last week for submissions to the NAB competition! Low hanging fruit: submit these labeled anomaly datasets!

Boy, if I wasn’t ineligible for this contest, I would be $2,500 richer next week. :moneybag:

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