Impact on NAB Scoreboard of correcting label window

I created an issue about an erroneous window label in Erroneous window · Issue #385 · numenta/NAB · GitHub and I’ve submitted a PR to fix that at Corrected window for realAWSCloudwatch/iio_us-east-1_i-a2eb1cd9_Netwo… by markNZed · Pull Request #388 · numenta/NAB · GitHub

The change to the label window does not require running the detectors again, but the scoring step could be run again. I tried this for the numenta and contextOSE detectors (first and second on the scoreboard) and the contextOSE detector would now place first:

Final score for ‘numenta’ detector on ‘standard’ profile = 70.48
Final score for ‘contextOSE’ detector on ‘standard’ profile = 70.77

Perhaps this will motivate more interest in improving HTM for NAB. I wonder if anyone knows more about the contexOSE detector - was it used in other projects? I’ve not been able to find out much about it. I guess the author of that code would like to hear this story.